Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The results are in... almost

So we went to all the possible reception venues last weekend and two of them were quickly eliminated (the vineyards and Cathedral Oaks). Kindred Oaks was beautiful, but they would only let us have the venue for 5 hours including cleanup. We plan on having the wedding and the reception at the same place. So that would leave an hour for the ceremony, an hour for pictures, two and a half for the reception, and 30 minutes for cleanup. It also means we're paying them $1000 an hour. Sorry - no place is that awesome.

So that leaves Peaceable Kingdom. Peaceable Kingdom was incredible and everything we want and it was perfect - except. There's no spot to actually get married at. At least not my spot. My spot is a clearing in the woods under a hundred year old southern oak tree. But here's the deal - they are charging us the same price as the other venues, but letting us rent the entire camp from Thursday night through Monday morning AND they are about to undergo some major landscaping renovations. With a few minor tweeks, there could definitely be a the spot. I'm calling the director tomorrow to have a contract drawn up and then we'll decide for sure then. But it looks like the decision might be made.

I'm starting to get very excited. :)

More details about Peaceable Kingdom to follow!


  1. We wound up having our wedding venue for only 4 hours. In some ways it doesn't seem like very long, but it actually was the perfect amount of time for us. I didn't actually factor in the clean-up, but I don't think that took longer than 20 minutes or so. I'm not sure if you've already made up your mind, but if you only worry was the time, it may not be as bad as you think.

    And just letting you know, I'm Miss Ariel on weddingbee!

  2. Sorry for the delayed response, I actually just saw your comment. But thanks for the info and thanks for coming over from weddingbee!

    When we talked with Kindred Oaks they told us the same thing, that 5 hours would be a lot longer than it sounds like and more than enough time for both the wedding and reception.

    For us though, almost our entire guest list will be coming in from out of state and non of his family has met any of mine. We ultimately decided on Peaceable Kingdom because it allowed us to have the entire weekend to get everyone together and really get the most out of the time we all have together.