Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So... I changed my mind (you can go ahead and act surprised now)

The original plan was to go with mismatched bridesmaid dresses in shades of pink and peach, taking those shades into the rest of the decor. Well... I decided instead to go with shades of mint and robin's egg blue. I went back and forth and forth and back and finally I pulled the trigger (after consulting with my lovely family) and here we are!

So I thought about sending them all cards in the mail that are in different shades of mint and blue and then they can go on a scavenger hunt to find a dress as close to that color as possible. However, whenever I went shopping with my future sister-in-law last weekend to try to find her dress, it was... challenging. We found sweaters, button down shirts, leggings, jeans, tank tops, scarves, and everything else EXCEPT dresses that were in any of the right colors. So, while that is definitely still an option for whoever wants to go shopping, I also went out and found a bunch of dresses online to get them started. 

Basically the only rules are, solid colors only (no patterns/prints), keep it somewhere around knee length (not too long, not too short), no strapless, and no high-low/waterfall hems. Other than that, wear what you like!

The dresses I picked can be found here. I feel really good about this color scheme and about how everything is coming together! I can't wait to see it all in April!

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