Friday, July 5, 2013

So, it's been awhile...

I know, I know, it's been awhile since I updated everyone... I promise I have a good excuse. I'm back in training - and I'm moving to Montana. And yes - both of those are "I" statements.

My training started in June and will last until mid-September. From there I am PCSing (being re-stationed for all my non-military folks) to Malmstrom, AFB, MT. Evan's contract with the Army doesn't end until April - so I'm making this move on my own and Evan and I will be a country apart from each other until our wedding day.

I'm totally not stressed about that.
I'm totally not stressed about that.
I'm totally not stressed about that.

Who am I kidding. I'm stressed out of my mind. Not only am I in Canada while Evan is in Mexico, but I'm also so far removed from our wedding venue that everything from this point on will have to be coordinated via phone or Skype. Because planning a wedding isn't hard enough, right?

Having said that - Evan has been amazing through this whole ordeal, and my parents have been beyond helpful and supportive as well. I honestly feel like I couldn't do this without them.

Thanks so much guys!

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